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A teleconference with The University of Sheffield

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Updated   11/10/2017 1:11 PM

In one of its periodical academic activities, Middle Technical University hosted a teleconference with Professor Dan Allwood the founder of FlashyScience project at The University of Sheffield.


As it is mentioned in Professor’s Dan web page “Dan has recently worked with Dr Julian Dean to develop a suite of Flash-based virtual experiments to support Physics A-level tuition ( These have been used to deliver lessons to A-level (16-18 years) students and are used as part of graduate programs”.


The next step could be expanding this learning environment to undergraduate students in and outside the UK. Doing so is the core subject of the teleconference. Both parties gave their point of view for the future vision to go ahead with such venture

FlashyScience drawn the attention of Middle Technical University which decided to be an essential part of this sophisticated kind of learning techniques. At this stage, this includes ideas exchange, giving feedback, and help to give the “kick-off” energy.

                                                                                                  Finally, this teleconference held at the Department of Water Resources Techniques, Baghdad Institute of Technology and managed by Dr. Ghanim Saddam Hassan. The participants were Prof. Majid H. Majeed the university Chancellor, Prof. Kareem Hassan Alwan the Dean of Baghdad Institute of Technology, Assistant Prof. Bassem Shaba’a from Engineering Technical Baghdad, and Mr. Muntasir Shareef the head of Water Techniques Department in addition to other interested staff.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs