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Technical College of Management - Baghdad organizes a scientific symposium entitled: ((Quality is...

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Updated   14/02/2018 8:31 AM

Technical College of Management - Baghdad organizes a scientific symposium entitled:

((Quality is everyone's responsibility))


          The quality research unit at the college held a specialized scientific symposium entitled ((Quality is Everyone's Responsibility)) with the participation of eleven research papers from inside and outside the college and in the presence of a number of researchers and specialists as well as professors and faculty members. Eleven research papers were presented by researchers and specialists from:

*University of Baghdad /  College of Engineering , College of  Management and Economics and Laser Institute of Graduate Studies

 *University of Mustansiriya / College of Management and Economics

*A group of professors of Samarra University

* Institute of Applied Arts


The researchers came out with several recommendations, most notably:

  1. TQM(Total Quality Management) should be seen as a strategic objective starting with senior management and ending with the last individual in the organization.
  2. The need to pay attention to the concept of TQM as a sophisticated and comprehensive management style instead of traditional methods of access to continuous improvement.
  3.  The importance of participation of all to achieve quality and provide the best expertise and experience, and discuss ways of cooperation between Iraqi universities and other relevant institutions.
  4. Provide administrative, financial and moral support to other educational and pedagogic institutions to overcome obstacles and make quality "the responsibility of all".

In conclusion, Dr. Shatha Abdul Hussein Jabr / Dean of the College distributed certificates of participation to all participants in the symposium who expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Deanship of the College for providing the opportunity to present their posts , wishing the success and conciliation to all those who contributed to its success to improve the quality in Iraq.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs