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Master Thesis "Ischemic heart disease myocardial infarction"

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Updated   28/02/2018 8:33 AM

Master Thesis "Ischemic heart disease myocardial infarction"

            Master Thesis was discussed at the College of Health and Medical Technology of the student Abdullah Abbas Hamza. The thesis addressed the effect of ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, and angina on some biochemical changes in the serum and its relationship with oxidative bad cholesterol in Iraqi patients. They included damage to the main blood vessels responsible for transporting food and providing oxygen to the heart, which develops coronary artery damage, and when the artery occlusion gets an infarction in the heart muscles. The thesis recommended the importance of zinc, copper, magnesium, good cholesterol, vitamins (C and D) in the serum, which was much lower in the group (health control) compared to levels of bad cholesterol oxidized (Total cholesterol, triglycerides, bad cholesterol and vldl-c serum).

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs