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Workshop on "Security and Peace Resolution 2250"

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Updated   28/02/2018 8:38 AM

Workshop on "Security and Peace Resolution 2250"

              The College of Health and Medical Technology at the University held a workshop entitled "Resolution 2250" which deals with security and peace in cooperation with the High Commission for Human Rights / National Office. The reasons for resolution 2250, including the exhaustion of young people's energies during armed conflict, lack of access to education and economic opportunities, have a serious impact on efforts to achieve lasting peace and reconciliation, as well as concern about the increasing use of terrorism by new technologies, especially the internet, for the recruitment of young people.

The workshop aims to:

1-Increased respect for human rights and individuals (youth group)

2-Increasing the overall representation of young people in decision-making at all levels to prevent conflicts

3-Make young cadres for construction and not demolition tools by investing them within the objectives of sustainable development

4-Enhancing the role of youth in peace and security A genuine recognition by the international community that peace and security can't be achieved without development and that development can't be achieved without real investment in youth.

5- Urgent need to involve youth to promote peace, combat violent extremism,  plan ,prepare and fund the youth activities.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs