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Under the slogan "University in the service of society"

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Updated   28/02/2018 8:52 AM

 Under the slogan "University in the service of society"

       The Early Detection Laboratory for Pathological Analysis was established in the Pathological Analysis Department of the Technical Institute / KOT, in which a series of comprehensive tests are carried out that lead to knowledge of the efficiency of the body's vital functions for different segments of society .

The most important types of medical tests conducted in the laboratory are:

C.B.C", an abbreviation for ( Complete Blood Count )"1-

2-Tests of biochemistry and clinical studies. The work is done by means of a special device that performs 32 tests (liver tests, daily glucose testing, renal function tests, renal failure, infections or kidney stones)

3-Fat tests and tests of salts of the body

4-Immunological and viral tests and hormones are performed by ELISA

 5-Examination of lung efficiency

     Details are also available on the Institute's official website at :

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs