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Third session of the festival (three minutes in three days in Art City)

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Updated   08/03/2018 10:27 PM

Third session of the festival (three minutes in three days in Art City)

              The College of Applied Arts participated in the third session of the three-minute festival in three days held by Madinat Al-Fan for Cinema and Television in Baghdad within the hall and corridors of this city on Saturday 3/3/2018. This festival is characterized by the number three, which starts in the third month of each year and lasts for three days, three members of the jury, and the duration of the competing films is three minutes. It is noteworthy that the festival was established in 2013. More than 700 Iraqi and international films are taking part in this session, with a notable presence of foreign films from Europe and the United States of America, under the supervision of a specialized jury and British filmmaker (Mar Krit Klofer )and film critic (Aisha Al-Dorry) ,and with the great Iraqi film director (Mohammad Shukri Jamil). This festival was held in an effort to develop Iraqi cinema and to catch up with the successful global film development, where the opening included a presentation of a new operetta on Iraqi cinema and its role in building society.

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