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Symposium (renewable energy in Iraq)

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Updated   08/03/2018 10:30 PM

Symposium (renewable energy in Iraq)


           On Thursday, 1/3/2018, the Scientific Division of the Technical Institute of Baquba

held a scientific symposium in the conference hall entitled "Renewable Energy in Iraq".

The faculty members ;Dr. Abdul Rahman Thaaban Mohamed, Mr. Majid Rasheed Zaidan and Professor Zuhair Semin Shuker were the lecturers of the Symposium . It addressed three axises :

  1.  The first one is the concept of renewable energy as the energy generated from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, water, rain and geothermal energy added to the energy of biomass.
  2. The second axis concerned the rationalization of the consumption of electric energy, the objectives of rationalization, and the causes of the high waste of energy in Iraq through the abuses on the network, the use of non-conforming equipment, non-use of insulation in buildings and the lack of awareness in the citizen. It also included the best methods to reduce the waste of electrical energy and methods of waste treatment for Power saving.
  3.  The third axis on the components of the solar energy system, which are the solar panels and the charger regulator, batteries and reflectors, system specifications and how to calculate loads.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs