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Course entitled (Healing using bee's venom and natural products)

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Updated   08/03/2018 10:50 PM

 Course entitled (Healing using bee's venom and natural products)

         In the conference hall at the Technical Institute / KOT, the course ended with the participation of 16 participants from both sexes interested in bee and bee breeding and from different governorates of Iraq. The four-day course included several theoretical and practical topics, the most important of which is the definition of the name of bee's venom and its containment of therapeutic materials up to more than 18 effective substances, , which increase the efficiency of the immune system and strengthen it to be able to reduce the spread of the disease. The instructions and the correct steps for the treatment of bee sting were also identified, which should be followed by the patient in order to know the symptoms that affect the course of treatment and the speed of recovery.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs