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Workshop on (Combating cybercrime)

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Updated   21/03/2018 10:43 PM

Workshop on (Combating cybercrime)

          The Department of Informatics Techniques at the Technical College of Management/ Baghdad and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior / Directorate of Criminal Evidence Investigation / Electronic Crimes Division / on Thursday, 8/3/2018, organized an awareness workshop on the topic of "Combating cybercrime".

      The workshop dealt with two main topics, the first dealt with the nature of cybercrime, while the second axis dealt with the legal consequences thereof, Where the specialized officers in the field of cybercrime awareness gave a lecture included monitoring the cases of rhythm citizens through the use of social networking programs and disclosure the ways in which cybercrime gangs implicate and recruit their victims in order to carry out their despicable ends, and a detailed  explanation of the means of prevention and protection to avoid falling into the trap of gangs.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs