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a scientific symposium on (human rights in law and society)

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Updated   03/04/2018 8:59 AM

a scientific symposium on (human rights in law and society)

             On Wednesday, 28/3/2018, the Department of Materials Management Techniques at the Institute of Technical Administration held a scientific symposium on "Human Rights in Law and Society" for the students of the Department of the first stage. Dr. Jasim Mohammed Shabib, Director of Media and Public Relations Department at the Middle Technical University.

        The aim of the symposium is to define human rights and their importance in the private life and the life of the society, and what it represents to the society of the constants of law and heavenly legislations, as well as informing the university student of the rights in the field of education. The symposium recommended the necessity of student awareness of the special laws and legislations in the field of education in order to benefit them in the school life and after graduation, and recommended that the student should cooperate with his educational institution in establishing these rights.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs