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A scientific symposium entitled (behavioral problems in children)

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Updated   20/04/2018 11:15 PM

A scientific symposium entitled (behavioral problems in children)

The Department of Nursing Techniques at the Technical Medical Institute Baghdad held a scientific symposium entitled (behavioral problems in children) with the participation of researchers and specialists in the Institute.


The symposium included the behavioral problems of children and the main reasons for their aggravation and ways of dealing with the stubborn child as well as the reasons for anger and lying in children and ways to deal with them and the problem of finger sucking in children causes and ways of prevention and treatment.

The seminar pointed out that the child usually resorted to abnormal behaviors such as stubbornness and excessive movement and fear and aggression to express the psychological problem suffers, so it is necessary to understand the motives and reasons that led to the emergence of these problems, and dealing with them in the light of this understanding.

The symposium recommended the need to intensify awareness programs and raise awareness through the various media to guide parents and newlyweds on how to deal with children and avoid harsh punishment or excessive profanity and know the correct and correct ways to raise children as well as the use of continuous dialogue with the child which is a basic treatment for common problems in children

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