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Training course (first aid) for the unemployed

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Updated   20/04/2018 11:18 PM

Training course (first aid) for the unemployed


The free training course on "First Aid" for the unemployed has been concluded by the Medical Technical Institute Baghdad / Department of Nursing Techniques with the participation of (8) trainees from all segments of society for five days.

The aim of the course is to spread health awareness among the social strata, as well as to familiarize participants with the priorities of first aid and to develop their skills and encourage them in coping with emergency situations and treating them in the correct scientific ways as well as qualifying the participant after passing the applied and theoretical tests.

The course dealt with the first aid measures and its basic principles and the prescriptions of the paramedic as well as the first aid for trauma, wounds, fractures, burns, bleeding and poisoning of all kinds, as well as cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation, dressings and measurement of vital signs.​

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs