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Technical University celebrates its fourth anniversary

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Updated   09/05/2018 9:37 PM

Technical University celebrates its fourth anniversary


           On the fourth anniversary of the founding of the university, the Middle Technical University celebrated the fourth anniversary of the university. The celebration was held in the central hall of the university in the presence of Prof. Majid Hamid Majeed, the university Chancellor and Dr. Farid  Majeed ,Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs , the deans of faculties and institutes of the university ,and members of the Board of Directors of the University Council from outside As well as people honored by the occasion and a large audience of university employees.

In his welcome speech, the Chancellor congratulated faculty members and students, calling upon Almighty God to make success a permanent path for them. He stressed the importance of the university's role in serving the country and the society, pointing to a number of scientific and educational achievements achieved during the past four years, indicating a number of the tasks assigned to the university, which succeeded in excellence, especially in the field of admission and postgraduate studies , productive activities ,and training courses, which culminated in the visit of the Minister of Higher Education And scientific research to the university, where the Opinion Body held its meeting there .

Then a number of university employees were honored with the title of professors, pioneers and performers for more than 5 published researches and patent holders, as well as the formations that ranked first in the production activities and the implementation of training courses and scientific promotions.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs