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The first international scientific conference under the slogan "Pure human sciences is a vision towards...

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Updated   06/09/2018 9:20 PM

The first international scientific conference under the slogan "Pure human sciences is a vision towards contemporary education"


Under the auspices of the President of the Iraqi Academy of Sciences and in collaboration with the Deanship of the Faculty of Basic Education / University of Dohuk, Uunder the slogan "Pure human sciences is a vision towards contemporary education"

The Iraqi Academic Union is holding the first International Scientific Conference, February 11-12, 2019 at the Faculty of Basic Education at Duhok University.

The Iraqi Academic Union invites researchers and specialists from faculty members in universities and institutes inside and outside Iraq, researchers in research centers, organizations and ministries and ministries of the State and relevant bodies, federations and councils to participate in the conference.

Topics of the conference include:

1 - Educational and psychological sciences in all their specialties

2 - Arabic, Kurdish, English and their specialties

3 - Geography, history, meeting and their specializations

4 - Sciences of the Holy Quran and Islamic education kindergartens and special education and their specializations

5- Media, Fine Arts, Law, Politics and their Specializations.

The second deals with the pure sciences of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, life sciences, sports sciences and their specializations.

The conference aims to develop the capacity of higher education to serve the purposes of sustainable development in Iraq and the Arab world and to benefit from the exchange of scientific resources between researchers in different disciplines in the interest of the community, and to improve the quality of the higher education system in accordance with the rules of accreditation and the conformity of scientific standards of quality.

As well as the achievement and empowerment of the learner of life skills and future development of personal capabilities and activate the dynamic relationship between the outputs of quality education and the requirements of the labor market through joint cooperation between universities and various state institutions .The development of academic programs and the capacity of faculty members and leaders to improve the foundations of education and evaluation patterns, and to reach the most effective technological formulas in the process of scientific research and circulation among students and teachers to achieve sustainable development in society.

Those wishing to participate should submit their research to the Secretariat of the Conference. The deadline for receipt of the abstracts of the research is Sunday, 23/9/2018, at the following address: and to inquire about the following numbers: 009647713987398, 009647800704716 or 009647705272062 or 009647901569706.

The most important instructions and conditions of participation in the conference should be that the research is unpublished, accepted or submitted to any other journal or body. The research should be within the conference’s axes, and the research should be accepted in Arabic and English with the title and abstract of the research in both Arabic and English. Scientific research, their workplaces and means of communication. The research is published on paper A4 and CD-ROM. Its pages should not exceed 20 pages for human research, 10 pages for scientific research and one page for abstract, font type (Time New Roman) on A4 paper The research is subject to scientific arbitration by specialized professors. Upon acceptance of the research, the researcher is obliged to write only the conditions of the magazine in which the publication is accepted.

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