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Fourth Scientific Conference under the slogan "Administrative Creativity to Achieve the Future Vision of...

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Updated   06/09/2018 9:27 PM

 Fourth Scientific Conference under the slogan "Administrative Creativity to Achieve the Future Vision of Business Organizations"


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Majid Hameed Majeed, Rector of the Middle Technical University and under the supervision of Dr. Shatha Abdul Hussain Jaber, Dean of the Technical College of Management, Baghdad under the slogan "Administrative Creativity to Achieve the Future Vision of Business Organizations", The Technical College of Management - Baghdad at the Middle Technical University holds the Fourth Specialized Scientific Conference for the period from 28-29 November 2018 at the College's headquarters. And invited researchers and specialists from faculty members in universities and institutes inside Iraq, researchers in research centers, organizations and ministries to participate in the conference.

The conference includes five themes:

-The first is the role of statistics and informatics in administrative innovation and the role of electronic governance in supporting administrative decisions and the impact of information security in maintaining the administrative procedures of the organizations.

- The second axis, which is the focus of quality, deals with quality applications in organizations, quality management systems, total quality management in organizations and the use of scientific methods to address quality problems.

- The third axis is the accounting axis, which touched on the reality of financial accounting for business organizations and the standards of control and auditing to achieve administrative innovation as well as accounting administrative costs between reality and the future and the importance of accounting information systems and strategies to protect public money and fight financial and administrative corruption.

- The fourth axis refers to the future vision of the overall banking, public debt management, financial sustainability and the role of electronic banking in enhancing financial and economic stability and the role of Islamic finance in supporting business organizations.

- The fifth and final axis is the administrative axis and represents the strategic direction and management of talent and creativity in organizations and modern production systems and management of small projects and trends in modern marketing product and service as well as leadership and leadership and administrative information systems and financial inclusion.

Those wishing to participate should submit their research to the Conference Secretariat. The deadline for receipt of the abstracts of the research is Sunday, 2/9/2018 through the Deanship of the Technical College of Management, Baghdad, Bab Al-Mu'amad, College Complex or the e-mail address of the College Or Or email the conference secretariat http; // or the other email

The most important instructions and conditions of participation in the conference should be the research within the themes of the conference, and accept the research in Arabic and English, accompanied by the title and the abstract of the research in both Arabic and English

As well as write the name of the research , the names of the researchers , the full scientific and work places and the means of communication to them and send the research printed on paper and CD-ROM not to increase the search pages for 20 pages and the line type (simplified Arabic) for research in Arabic, in English, the size of the line of 16 headings And 14 for text, subheadings, table titles, forms, and type of time. The research is subject to scientific arbitration by specialized professors and publishes the papers accepted by the conference with special supervision.

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