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A workshop for using PowerPoint in preparing the educational packages

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Updated   27/03/2017 10:39 PM

The Technical Medical Institute / Mansour at the Middle Technical University organized a workshop dealing with using PowerPoint in preparing the educational packages. The aim of this workshop is to introduce the tools of “PowerPoint”. More detailed, it included a detailed explanation of Microsoft PowerPoint, which is one of programs provided in the office suite and dedicated mainly in presentations. This program provides a set of tools for producing electronic files containing virtual slides with texts and images used on a computer-connected projector by a presenter in presence of a group audience.The main users of such application could be found in companies and educational bodies.




PowerPoint is used in mobile and non-animated presentations. Also it is used in successive changing panels, inserting of motion pictures, clips or links and can be used through hyperlinks.The workshop also included the identification of the most important power point tools, how they are used, and the types of presentation in PowerPoint, how to open, save and prepare a slide show.

Assist. Lecturer, Mrs. Saba Aziz Sahi / director of Computer Center and Internet demonstrated the workshop and attended by a number of employees of the Institute.


Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs