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MTU got a gold prize for inventing a system of educational hand with sound and visual anesthesia

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Updated   12/04/2017 10:53 PM

The Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abdul Hussein, who is working for Research and Manufacture of Alternatives Unit / Faculty of Healthy and Medical Techniques, Baghdad / MTU, received the golden award at the first Iraqi Patent Exhibition, for inventing a system of educational hand with sound and visual anesthesia during an exhibition organized under the supervision of Abbasid religious authority.

 The system is used basically for teaching medical staff on drawing blood or giving venous needles with avoiding any worries from both donors and trainees. It represents a new medical model with high novelty and made to overcome the urgent need and difficulty to recruit donors.

The invention is based on an intelligent model of human hand that is unique by a sophisticated warning system alerting the trainee against error in the process of blood giving and guide him to the right action as well as containing different levels and different veins in terms of distance from the skin, size and direction; consequently, giving the trainee the necessary experience to identify different types of veins, which is made of abundant materials with low cost of 75000 or below. Finally, the conference was attended by more than 500 patents in various fields of medical, engineering, applied sciences, agricultural sciences, and military sciences.





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