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A workshop on systems and concepts for spreading the culture of academic quality and accreditation at MTU

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Updated   12/04/2017 11:01 PM

 In a workshop held by quality assurance unit and academic performance at the Institute of Technology-Baghdad, concepts and systems for spreading the culture of quality and accreditation were trained on.
The aim of the workshop is to raise the general performance of the university and its faculties and improving the quality of the services provided and the goods produced, hence contributing to enhance the competitive position of the colleges and institutes that implement TQM.
The workshop emphasized on the importance of implementing a strict and clear quality system, indicators and not tracking wide points as well as standardizing the terms of quality traded in addition to improving and developing the procedures and methods of work through draw attention to the quality and quantity of information relevant to the subject matter of the decision . The lecture was delivered by Assist.instructor Ala Q.Nouri
The workshop emphasized also on the modules teaching system to implement quality projects and provide supplies, equipment, and others as well as focusing on international bodies to help universities and get the desired benefit from achievement of quality.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs