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Wahid, M. A., Hossenie, S. E., Hussen H. M., …(…), Saud, S. N., Mohammad, A. T.

An overview of phase change materials for construction architecture thermal management in hot and dry climate region

Applied Thermal Engineering; Scopus

112 :1240-1259, (2017)


Rashed, M. K., Abdulbari, H. A. Salleh, M. A. M., Ismail, M. H. S.

Effect of Structure Height on the Drag Reduction Performance Using Rotating Disk Apparatus

Fluid Dynamic Research

Fluid Dyn. Res. 49 (2017) 015507 (13pp)


Dakkama, H. J., Elsayed, A., Al-Dadah, R. K. Mahmoud S. M., Youssef, P.

Integrated Evaporator-Condenser Caused Adsorption System for Low Temperature Cooling Using Different Working Pairs

Applied Energy

Applied Energy xxx (2016) xxx-xxx


Mohammed, G. R. Ishak, M. Aqida, S. N., Abdulhadi, H. A.

The Effect of The Fiber Laser Parameters on The Microhardness of Duplex Stainless Steel.

MATEC Web of Conference

MATEC Web of Conferences 90, 1024, (2017)


Ahelli, A. M., Abdul Manap, M. Y., Mohammad A.S., …. (….), Mohammed, N. K. Meor hussin, A. S.

Use of the Response Surface Methodology for Partitioning, One-Step Purification of Alkaline Extracellular Lipase from Penicillium Candidum (PCA 1/TT031)

Journal of Chromatography B: Analytical Technology in The Biomedical and Life Sciences

PII: S1570-0232(16)31121-7,(2016)

Scopus 5.pdf

Al-Shohani, W. A. M., Al-Dadah, R., Mahmoud, S., Algareu, A.

Optimum Design of V-Through Concentrator for Photovoltaic Applications

Solar Energy

Solar Energy 140 (2016): 241-254


Praysazhnjuk, P. M., shihab, T. A., panchuk, V. H.

Formation of the Structiure of Cr3C2-MNMts 60-20-20 Cermets

Materials Science

Vol.52 (2): 188-193, (2016)


Salih, N.A.J.

Fractal Coding Technique Based on Different Block Size

Al-Sadiq International Conference on Multidisplanilary in IT and Communication Techniques Science and Applications, AIC-MITCA 2016



Alhelli, A. M., Manap, M. Y. A., Mohammed, A. S., …. (…), Hussin A.S.M.

Response of Surface Methodolgy Modeling of an Aqueous Two-Phase System for Purification of Protease from Pendilium canadidum (PCA 1/TT031) Under Solid State Fermentation and Its Biochemical Characterization

International Journal of Molecular Science Open Access

17 (1872): 1-23, (2016)

Amaal et al. 2016.pdf

Abbas, M. K., Hussein, S. K., Khudair, A.A.

Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Spot Welded Joints for Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys (AA2024-T3 and AA5754-H114)

Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering

Arab. J. Sci. Eng. (2016) 41: 4563-4572


Omran, S. S., Al-Hillali, A. A.

Quarter of Iris Region Recognition Using the RED Algorithim

Proceedings - UKSim-AMSS 17th International Conference on the Computer Modeling and Simulation, UKSim 2015

2015 17th UKSIM-AMSS International Conference on Modelling and Simulation


Akeiber, H.J., Wahid, H.M., Mohammad, A. T.

A Newly Composed Paraffin Encapsulated Prototype Roof Structure for Efficient Thermal Management in Hot Climate


Energy 104 (2016) 99-106


Multag, A. H., Mohamed A., Shareef, H.

Acomparative Study of Artificial Intelegent-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovolitaic Systems

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

Earth and Environmental Science 32 (2016) 012014


Mahde, A. A., Yusof, F., Mehdi, W. A., … (…)., Ghazali, H., Rahman, A.

Serum E3 SUMO-Protein Ligase NSE2 Level and Peroxynitrite Related to Oxidative Stress in Nephrolithiasis Patients

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

Asian Pac J Trop Biomed 2017; 7(3): 249-252


Abdulwahab Abdulrazzaq, A., Eremia, M., Toma, L. Mandis, C.A.

Optimal Distributed generators Placement in a Radial Distribution Network

UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series C: Electrical Engineering

U.P.B. Sci. Bull., SeriesC, Vol.78, Iss. 2, (2016)


Othman, A. R., Jadee, K. G. J.

Specific Bearing Strength of Bolted Composite Joint with Different Glass Fiber reinforcement

ARPN Journal of engineering and Applied Sciences Open Access

11 (20): 12039-12044, (2016)


Obaida, H. M. B., Rona, A. Kawase, M., Gostelow, J. P.

Some Perspectives on the Treatment of Three Dmensional Flows on Axial Compressor Blading

Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2016: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition. GT 2016 Power for Land, Sea and Air; June 13-17, 2016, Seoul, South Korea

ASME GT2016-57617


Nurcahyanti, A.D.R., Nasser, I. J., Sporer, F., … (…)., reichiling, J., Wink, M.

Chemical Composition of the essential Oil from Aerial parts of Javanian pimpinella Pruatjan molk and Its Molecular phytogeny

Diversity Open Access

Diversity 2016, 8, 15; doi:10.3390/d8030015, 1-9


Shalpak, l. S., Shihab, T. H., Prysyzhnyuk, P. M., Yaremiy, I. P.

Structure Formation of The Cromium Carbide-Based Cement with Copper - Nickel - Manganese Binder

Metalofizika I Noveishie Tecknologii

38 (7): 969-980, (2016)


Frahan, A. M., mehde, A. A., Mehdi, W. A., … (…)., Kadhim, N. J., Jasim, N. A.

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Leaf Extract olive and fig with Silver nitate and Effect of Ecto-5'-Nucleotidase (5'-NT), ADA and Enzymes in Sera of arthrosclerosis patients

International Journal of Chemical Sciences Open Access

14 (3); 1805-1817, (2016)


Rashed, M. K., Mohd Salleh, M. A.Abdulbari, H. A., Halim Shah Ismail, M.

Active Drag Reduction in Hydrocarbon Media Using Rotating Disk Apparatus

ARPN Journal of engineering and Applied Sciences Open Access

11 (21); 12568 - 12544, (2016)


Rashed M. K., Mohd Salleh, M.A., Abdulbari, H. A., Ismail, M. H. S.

Enhancing the Drag reduction Phenomenon within a Rotating Disk Apparatus Using polymer-Surfactant Additives.

Applied Sciences (Switzerland) Open Access

Appl. Sci. 2016, 6, 355; doi:10.3390/app6120355, 1-11


Jalal M. Jalil, Sabah T. Ahmed Yiqin Xue Safaa A. Ghadhban

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fluid Flow of truncated Conical Poppet Valve

International Journal of Fluid Power

6 (1); 25-34, (2015)


Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs