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Optimum design of a multi-stage reverse osmosis process for the production of highly concentrated apple juice

Al-Obaidi, M.A., Kara- Zaïtri, C.,

Mujtaba, I.M.

Journal of Food Engineering

20 June 2017

Volume 214, December 2017, pp. 47-59

Squat formation and the occurrence of two distinct classes of white etching layer on the surface of rail


Al-Juboori, A.,

Wexler, D., Li, H., Zhu, H., Lu, C., McCusker, A., McLeod, J., Pannil, S., Wang, Z.

International Journal of Fatigue

10 July 2017

Volume 104, November (2017), PP. 52-60.

A state of the art of required techniques for employing activated carbon in renewable energy powered

adsorption applications

Elsayed, A.M., Askalany, A.A., Shea, A.D., Dakkama, H.J., Mahmoud, S., Al-Dadah, R., Kaialy, W.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

24 May 2017

Volume 79, November 2017, pp. 503-519

Thermal performance and economic evaluation of a newly developed phase change material for

effective building encapsulation

Akeiber, H.J., Hosseini, S.E., Hussen, H.M., Wahid, M.A., Mohammad, A.T.

Energy Conversion and Management

9 August 2017

Volume 150, 15 October 2017,

pp. 48-61

Numerical investigation of height impact of local exhaust combined with an office work station on

energy saving and indoor environment

Ahmed, A.Q., Gao, S.

Building and Environment

8 June 2017

Volume 122, September 2017, Pages 194-205

Remote monitoring of cardiorespiratory signals from a hovering unmanned aerial vehicle

Al-Naji, A., Perera, A.G., Chahl, J.

BioMedical Engineering OnLine

8 August 2017

Volume 16(1), December 2017, Art No.1

Energy-efficient wireless sensor networks for precision agriculture: A review

Jawad, H.M., Nordin, R., Gharghan, S.K., Jawad, A.M., Ismail, M.


3 August 2017

Volume 17(8), 1781



New TR-UWB Receiver Algorithm Design to Mitigate MUI in Concurrent Schemes

Mohammed, M.S., Singh, M.J., Abdullah, M.

Wireless Personal Communications

2 August 2017

Wireless Personal Communications, pp.1-20

Removal of phenol from wastewater using spiral-wound reverse osmosis process: Model

development based on experiment and simulation

Al-Obaidi, M.A., Kara-Zaïtri, C., Mujtaba, I.M.

Journal of Water Process Engineering

31 May, 2017

Volume 18, August 2017, Pages 20-28

Synthetic video sequence for dynamic scenes

Habeeb, N.J.

2017 Annual Conference on New Trends in Information and Communications Technology


NTICT 2017, art. no. 7976144, pp. 236-239


Remote sensing of physiological signs using a machine vision system

Al-Naji, A., Gibson, K., Chahl, J.

Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology

27 April 2017

(2017), Volume 41 (5), pp. 396-405.

Arabic text mining based on clustering and coreference resolution

Mahmood, S., Al-Rufaye, F.M.L.

International Conference on Current Research in Computer Science and Information


26-27 April 2017

ICCIT 2017, art. no. 7965549, pp. 140-144


Adsorption ice making and water desalination system using metal organic frameworks/water pair

Dakkama, H.J., Youssef, P.G., Al-Dadah, R.K., Mahmoud, S.

Energy Conversion and Management

20 March 2017

Volume 142, 15 June 2017, Pages 53-61

Dry sliding wear behavior of untreated and treated sugar palm fiber filled phenolic composites using

factorial technique

Rashid, B., Leman, Z., Jawaid, M., Ghazali, M.J., Ishak, M.R., Abdelgnei, M.A.


14 March 2017

Volume: 380-381, 15 June 2017, pp. 26-35.

Experimental study of a solar air heater with a new arrangement of transverse longitudinal baffles

Mahmood, A.J.

آفاق جاسم محمود

Journal of Solar Energy Engineering,

08 Feb. 2017

Volume 139(3), (12 pages)Paper No: SOL-16-1297



A smart voltage and current monitoring system for three phase inverters using an android

smartphone application

Mnati, M.J., Van den Bossche, A., Chisab, R.F.


15 April 2017

Volume: 17(4),



Synthesis and properties of alkali activated borosilicate inorganic polymers based on waste glass

Al Saadi, T.H.A., Badanoiu, A.I., Nicoara, A.I., Stoleriu, S., Voicu, G.

Construction and Building Materials

21 January 2017

Volume 136, 1 April 2017, pp. 298-306

On amorphous phase formation in dissimilar friction stir welding of aluminum-to-steel

Hussein, S.A., Tahir, A.S.M.

International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant Engineering

30 April 2017

2nd International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant Engineering pp 69-81 |

Aqueous Phase Biosorption of Pb(II), Cu(II), and Cd(II) onto Cabbage Leaves Powder

Kamar, F.H., Nechifor, A.C., Nechifor, G., Al-Musawi, T.J., Mohammed, A.H.

International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering

16 August 2016

Volume 15

Issue 2

April (2017)

art. no. 20150178,

Performance of a V-trough photovoltaic system

Al-Shohani, W.A.M., Al-Dadah, R., Mahmoud, S., Algareu, A.

(2017) 2016 IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications,

23 March 2017

ICRERA 2016, art. no. 7884474, pp. 946-951.

Modeling of a spiral-wound reverse osmosis process and parameter estimation

Al-Obaidi, M.A., Kara-Zaitri, C., Mujtaba, I.M.

Desalination and Water Treatment

March 2017

69 (2017), pp. 93-101|0|March|2017

Serum E3 SUMO-protein ligase NSE2 level and peroxynitrite related to oxidative stress in

nephrolithiasis patients

Mehde, A.A., Yusof, F., Mehdi, W.A., Raus, R.A., Farhan, L.O., Zainulabdeen, J.A., Zainal Abidin,

Z.A., Ghazali, H., Abd Rahman, A.

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

March 2017

Volume 7, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 249-252

Effect of Treatments on the Physical and Morphological Properties of SPF/Phenolic Composites

Rashid, B., Leman, Z., Jawaid, M., Ghazali, M.J., Ishak, M.R.

Journal of Natural Fibers

15 Feb. 2017

Volume 14, Issue 5, 2017, pp.645-657

An overview of phase change materials for construction architecture thermal management in hot and

dry climate region

Wahid, M.A., Hosseini, S.E., Hussen, H.M., Akeiber, H.J., Saud, S.N., Mohammad, A.T.

Applied Thermal Engineering

5 Feb. 2017

Volume 112, 5 February 2017, Pages 1240-1259

Real time apnoea monitoring of children using the microsoft kinect sensor: A pilot study

Al-Naji, A., Gibson, K., Lee, S.-H., Chahl, J.


3 Feb. 2017

17 (2), art. no. 286


Mathematical model for galvanic corrosion of steel–copper couple in petroleum waste water in

presence of friendly corrosion inhibitor

Khadom, A.A., Abod, B.M.

Journal of Applied Research and Technology

1 Feb. 2017

Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2017, pp. 14-20

Effects of heat input on microstructure, corrosion and mechanical characteristics of welded austenitic

and duplex stainless steels: A review

Mohammed, G.R.,

Ishak, M., Aqida, S.N., Abdulhadi, H.A.


30 Jan. 2017

Metals 2017, 7, 39;

Effect of structure height on the drag reduction performance using rotating disk apparatus

Rashed, M.K., Abdulbari, H.A., Salleh, M.A.M., Ismail, M.H.S.

Fluid Dynamic Research

7 Dec. 2016

Volume 40, No.1, art. no. 015507

Performance study on a window type air conditioner condenser using alternative refrigerant R407C

Khalifa, A.H.N., Faraj, J.J., Shaker, A.K.

Engineering Journal

31 Jan. 2017

Volume 21, Issue 1,

Adsorption ice making and freeze water desalination using Metal Organic Framework materials

Dakkama, H.J., Youssef, P.G., Al-Dadah, R.K., Mahmoud, S., Al-Shohani, W.A.M.

2016 International Conference for Students on Applied Engineering

20 Oct. 2016

ICSAE 2016, art. no.

7810160, pp. 54-58.

Energy saving and indoor thermal comfort evaluation using a novel local exhaust ventilation system

for office rooms

Ahmed, A.Q., Gao, S., Kareem, A.K.

Applied Thermal Energy

1 September 2016

Vol. 110, 5 January 2017, pp. 821-834

Wide scope and fast websites phishing detection using URLs lexical features

Daeef, A.Y., Ahmad, R.B., Yacob, Y., Phing, N.Y.

(2017) 2016 3rd International Conference on Electronic Design,

Jan 2017

ICED 2016, art. no. 7804679, pp.



DOI: 10.1109/ICED.2016.7804679

Bond strength of repaired acrylic denture teeth using visible light cure composite resin

Muhsin, S.A.

سجى علي محسن

كلية التقنيات الصحية والطبية

The Open Dentistry Journal

31 Jan. 2017

Vol. 11, pp. 57-64,

DOI: 10.2174/1874210601711010057

Energy-efficient remote temperature monitoring system for patients based on GSM modem and


Gharghan, S.K.

صادق كامل غركان

الكلية التقنية الهندسية الكهربائية

Journal of Communications

August 2017

Vol.12 (8), pp. 433-442

Development and validation of a track bicycle instrument for torque measurement using the zigbee

wireless sensor network

Gharghan, S.K., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.


1 March 2017

Vol.10, No.1, pp.124- 145

Websites phishing detectio using URLs tokens as a discriminating features

Daeef, A.Y., Ahmad, R.B., Yacob, Y.

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

30 Jun. 2017

Vol.12 (3), pp. 513-519.

DOI: 10.3923/jeasci.2017.513.519

Optimum allocation of distributed generation using PSO: IEEE test case studies evaluation

Sahib, T.J., Ghani, M.R.A., Jano, Z., Mohamed, I.H.

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

15 Jun. 2017

(2017), Volume 12 (11), pp. 2900-2906

Experimental research concerning a new method to produce aluminum alloy-graphite particle

composite in superficial layers

Al-Dulaimi, H.F., Ismael, M.N., Ştefǎnescu, F., Chişamera, M., Neagu, G.

UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series B: Chemistry and Materials Science


2017), Volume 79, Issue 1, pp. 155-162

Scope and limitations of the irreversible thermodynamics and the solution diffusion models for the

separation of binary and multi-component systems in reverse osmosis process

Al-Obaidi, M.A., Kara-Zaitri, C., Mujtaba, I.M.

Computers and Chemical Engineering

5 Feb. 2017

Volume 100, 8 May 2017, Pages 48-79

Ir(III) and Ir(III)/Re(I) complexes of a new bis(pyrazolyl-pyridine) bridging ligand containing a

naphthalene-2,7-diyl spacer: Structural and photophysical properties

Zubaidi, Z.N., Metherell, A.J., Baggaley, E., Ward, M.D.


17 May 2017

Volume 133, 5 September 2017, Pages 68–74

Optimisation of reverse osmosis based wastewater treatment system for the removal of chlorophenol

using genetic algorithms

Al-Obaidi, M.A., Li, J.-P., Kara-Zaïtri, C., Mujtaba, I.M.

Chemical Engineering Journal

19 Jan. 2017

Volume 316, 15 May 2017, Pages 91-100

Electrochemical effect of ascorbic acid on redox current peaks of CoCl2 in blood medium

Radhi, M.M., Abdullah, H.N., Jabir, M.S., Al-Mulla, E.A.J

Nano Biomedicine and Engineering

3 May 2017


Volume 9,

Issue (2),

pp. 103-106.

Influence of treatments on the mechanical and thermal properties of sugar palm fibre reinforced

phenolic composites

Rashid, B., Leman, Z., Jawaid, M., Ghazali, M.J., Ishak, M.R.


14 Jan. 2017


Volume 12

Issue 1

pp. 1447-1462 Pages


DOI: 10.15376/biores.12.1.1447-1462

Random Forest-Based Approach for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Systems

Operating under Actual Environmental Conditions

Shareef, H., Mutlag, A.H., Mohamed, A.

Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

15 Jun 2017

Volume 2017, (2017), art. no. 1673864, 17 pages

Integrated evaporator–condenser cascaded adsorption system for low temperature cooling using

different working pairs

Dakkama, H.J., Elsayed, A., AL-Dadah, R.K., Mahmoud, S.M., Youssef, P.

Applied Energy

12 Feb. 2016


Volume 185, part 2, 1 January 2017,

pp. 2117-2126.

Quality index evaluation of videos based on fuzzy interface system

Al-Naji, A., Lee, S.-H., Chahl, J.

IET Image Processing

23 May 2017


Volume 11

Issue (5),

pp. 292-300.


DOI: 10.1049/iet-ipr.2016.0569

Effects of friction stir processing on microstructural, hardness and damping characteristics of ferritic

nodular cast iron

Obaid, A.Y., Mahmood, I.A., Abood, A.N.

Journal of Engineering Science and Technology

January 2017


Volume 12

No. 1

pp. 229 – 240

On amorphous phase formation in dissimilar friction stir welding of aluminum to steel

Hussein, S.A., Tahir, A.S.M., Awang, M.

2nd International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant Engineering

30 April 2017

Conference Paper, pp. 69-81

Behavior of back filler friction spot welded joints of similar AA2024-T3 & AA6061-T6 aluminum

alloy sheets

Mahmood, H.M., Hassan, S.S., Tolephih, M.H., Hashim, A.H.

(2017) AES-ATEMA International Conference Series - Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials

and their Applications,

2017-July, pp. 39-46

2017-July, pp. 39-46


Sustainable cooling research using activated carbon adsorbents and their environmental impact

Elsayed, A.M., Dakkama, H.J., Mahmoud, S., Al-Dadah, R., Kaialy, W.

Book Chapter


Applied Environmental Materials Science for Sustainability

The effect of fiber laser parameters on microhardness and microstructure of duplex stainless steel

Mohammed, G.R., Ishak, M., Aqida, S.N., Abdulhadi, H.A.

(2016) MATEC Web of Conferences

20 December 2016

MATEC Web of Conferences 90, art. no. 01024

Use of response surface methodology for partitioning, one-step purification of alkaline extracellular

lipase from Penicillium candidum (PCA 1/TT031)

Alhelli, A.M., Abdul Manap, M.Y., Mohammed, A.S., Mirhosseini, H., Suliman, E., Shad, Z.,

Mohammed, N.K., Meor Hussin, A.S.

Journal of Chromatography B

5 Nov. 2016

Volume 1039, 15 December 2016,  pp. 66-73

Optimum design of V-trough concentrator for photovoltaic applications

Al-Shohani, W.A.M., Al-Dadah, R., Mahmoud, S., Algareu, A.

Solar Energy

12 Nov. 2016

Volume 140, 15 December 2016, pp. 241-254

Formation of the Structure of Cr3C2–MNMts 60-20-20 Cermets

Prysyazhnyuk, P.M., Shihab, T.A., Panchuk, V.H.

Materials Science

30 Nov. 2016

September 2016, Volume 52, Issue 2, pp 188–193






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