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Activity and services provided by consulting clinics

Activity and services provided by consulting clinics


Dental clinic


Dental Clinics offers various and advanced services to the community through its multiple clinics

specializing in all areas of dentistry including :-


1-Dental Clinic: The Dental Clinic offers its services to the patients through dental implants and ceramic

bridges based on dental implants, in return for suitable wages compared to the private sector. The clinic

uses world-class plantations where the EASY company was contracted to equip and train doctors On

dental implants through a course held in France by the company.


2 - Laser Dental Clinic : The laser dental clinic is equipped with the latest equipment in the field of

modern dentistry, a device of( Watc lase I plus) manufactured by the company BIOLASE US and the

device is doing optical fillings without anesthetic and treatment of ulcers ,removal of polyps meat and gum

, cleaning teeth and root channels ,and the teeth whitening and gum supply. The company trained the

specialists on the device through an intensive course held in Germany.


3 - Orthodontic Clinic: The clinic provides services for the treatment of curled, spaced and bent teeth

through the treatment and orthodontics by dentists specialized in the field of orthodontic and



4 - Dental Clinic: The clinic provides dental and normal dental fillings


  Extraction and cleaning of teeth in addition to the work of dental prostheses through the work of

complete and partial sets, crowns and ceramic bridges.


5 - Clinic of radiation Bnoramip: The clinic is doing the dental fluoroscopy of the machine through the

Italian villa system and the clinic is printing the radiation by the device (CR) modern.




Optics workshop


The Optical clinic provides the following services:


1 - Training the students of the fourth stage and within the workshop material to conduct the necessary medical examinations clinically.


2 - Provision of medical services to the segments of society, including:


* Examination of patients and identification of treatment according to the prescription required.


* The establishment of courses throughout the year to obtain professional certification in cooperation with

the Ministry of Health.


3 - Conducting scientific research for fourth stage students (graduation project) as well as providing a

patent in the field of functional laziness of the eye.





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