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Technical Institute/ Kut - Balsam treatment center

Balsam treatment center


The following diseases are treated:

Back pain , joint pain , sciatic , varicose veins , scleroderma , menopause, lack of fertility in men ,

weakness of ovulation in women , auditory nerve atrophy , arteriosclerosis , chronic headache , facial

nerves , general weakness ,  weakness immune system , hepatitis , sinuses , nasal parenchyma in children –

AIDS and other incurable diseases


In addition to bee products of honey and royal food






When the blood sugar level rises in a diabetic patient glucose begins to link with hemoglobin (a protein in

the red blood cells linked to oxygen) to be glycated hemoglobin which is examined in the cumulative

analysis of sugar and since the age of red blood cells is three months the cumulative glycemic analysis

shows the blood sugar level in the three months preceding the analysis

A cumulative glucose test is important to determine the effectiveness  



Glucose test


A blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood glucose is a

major source of energy for most cells of the body including cells of the body including brain cells

carbohydrates are found in fruit, cereal, bread, pasta,and rice they are quickly turned into glucose in your

body this raises your blood glucose test a level between 70-100mg/dl considered normal if you had a

random blood glucose test a normal result depends on when you last ate most of the time the blood glucose

level will be bellow 125mg/dl



Complete blood count


Is a routine test plate to take a complete picture of the blood which helps to diagnose many disease

including blood disease to be examined by a doctor or healthcare provider to obtain information about the

patient's blood cells a sample of the patient's blood is drawn and sent to the laboratory where the

laboratory technician performs the tests and then provides the doctor with the result  





Triglyceride Test  


Is a type of fat that is the body and has functions that benefit the body doctor are interested in analyzing

the blood of a person or a patient because of suffering from heart disease or hardening of the arteries or

lack of kidney function to determine the proportion of triglyceride in addition to the proportion of

cholesterol which consists of two parts a low-density lipoprotein which is harmful to health if exceeded the

limit, high-density lipoprotein which is called good cholesterol these three substances belonging to the lipid

family and their blood counts determine the likelihood of a person having a heart attack or a stroke the

incidence of these infections is due to high levels of fat in the patient's blood





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