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Description of the work of the Media and Public Relations Department



1- Publishing all news of the activities and scientific, educational and cultural activities of the Middle Technical University and its formations in the local and electronic media.

2- Follow-up all what is published in the local, Arab, international and electronic media about the university and its formations, whether news, reports, dialogues, investigations or complaints.

3- Issuing the monthly technical magazine "Atyaff" for the university and the Magazine of the Middle Technical University every 3 months.

4- Planning and implementation of Media courses that concern the work of the department and the media people to ensure the educational and practical benefit in order to upgrade the media work and to identify the latest developments of the media system publication methods and others.

5- Activate the electronic media and the creation of pages in various social networking sites and the establishment of specialized media groups in order to improve the level of media performance of the university.

6- Activate public relations inside and outside the university and work to coordinate efforts between the university and its formations and foreign institutions, especially in the media aspect to ensure the success of various media activities.

7- Holding media meetings with local media organizations.

8- Activate TV and satellite work through the university channel and work on covering activities and events through the office.

9- active participation as a key member of the committees important to the activities of the university such as the University Day Committee and the celebrations of graduation and follow-up examinations and others.

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