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Speech of the President


                  In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

“Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have knowledge, to high ranks”

 Great truth of God


          Since its establishment in 2014, the Middle Technical University has developed plans to ensure the scientific and educational process in Iraq and the constructive interaction with the labor market and civil society Organizations, through correct and accurate vision of the facts of the Iraqi reality. Based on its vision and mission, Middle Technical University has achieved important results, including the study of students in the formations of the University for undergraduate and graduate studies for its engineering, medical, administrative and applied arts programs, As well as the renewal of the scientific Departments in accordance with the requirements of the scientific plan and the need of the labor market.

         Within the concept of the productive university, the university formations work to provide scientific, technical and training consultations, services and expertise to the Official Departments, Private Sector and the different segments of society in the field of training programs. The Continuous Education Center in the presidency of the University manages, follows up and organizes these programs with the aim of renewing knowledge and imparting expertise and skills to university employees as well as opening external windows with institutions and segments of society.

             In the field of scientific conferences, many have been implemented, such as the First and Second Engineering Conference, the Fashion and Jewelery Conference, the First Conference on Statistical Specialties, the Fourth International Conference on Medical Specialties, the Patent Conference, the National Conference on Water Conservation, and the Third Conference of the Applied Arts Sector. The university also culminated in its participation in the 44th Baghdad International Fair, the Military Industries Exhibition and the Second Education Exhibition, as well as progress in the International Classification of Arab and International Universities.

         This is part of the scientific and educational achievements of the university and there are achievements in other areas, including scientific promotions, research and books Consolidation, computer and information technology, quality assurance, university performance, summer training, cultural relations, projects, reconstruction, media, public relations, student activities. The Middle Technical University staff working in the presidency of the university and in its faculties and institutes continue to serve the scientific and educational march in Iraq and its development plans and seek to form partnerships with the world's solid universities.


     God grants success

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs