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Projects & Construction Department

Projects & Construction Department


* Planning Division. * Implementation Division. * Follow-up Division  


Duties of Projects and Construction Department 1. Implementation of investment plan projects issued by the Planning Authority through direct supervision of the implementation and payment of accounts. 2. Conducting special reports on the rehabilitation and expansion of the university buildings and their implementation 3. Conducting reports on the rehabilitation and expansion of the university buildings and their implementation. 4. Preparation and discussion of the plan for the university projects and include them as priorities within the annual and future investment plan.  

5. Contribute to scientific conferences through conducting studies and research in various disciplines. A. Tasks and duties of the Planning Division: 1. Plan unit and feasibility study for projects

      Preparation of integrated studies (Economic Feasibility) to determine the requirements for the establishment of new projects and rehabilitation and maintenance of existing buildings, and determine the priorities of their implementation depending on the strategy of formation and preparation of implementation plans on each of the pivotal projects of the investment plan and the development of regions within the annual plan or future of the Ministry. 2. Designs Unit  1 - Auditing the designs prepared by the consulting offices and in coordination with consultants or different design bodies with the audit of schedules of quantities and prices. 2. Quantitative surveying and preparation of tables of quantities including technical specifications and prices and the work of a database of materials used in the implementation of projects.  




3 - Study the operational efficiency of buildings implemented and identify weaknesses to avoid in future designs. 4 - Provide technical advice and resolve the problems of implementation in respect of designs and audit plans submitted by the contractor (AS BUILD) in the case of the request of the Resident Engineer Departments.  


B. Tasks and Duties of the Implementation Division 1. The formation of the resident engineer departments that carry out many important tasks. 2. Forming the hidden grain committees that carry hidden works during execution. 3. Tasks and Duties of the follow-up division 1- Follow up the implementation of projects and technical and financial audit to determine the percentage of achievement in addition to identify obstacles and the identification of deviations and provide solutions to them.

2 - - Preparation of monthly reports and projects of the investment plan in addition to the reports and positions required by the relevant authorities.

3 - Follow-up and scrutiny of materials used in the implementation of projects. 4 - Follow-up construction permits and approvals for construction in the Relevant Departments.



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