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Follow-up Department

Follow-up Department


  1-Guardians Follow-up Section

 2-Badges and Licenses Section

 3- Reception Section

 4-Civil Defense Section


Tasks and duties of the Follow –Up Department

1. Follow up the instructions of the University Rector and their implementation in respect of the follow-up work and oversees the maintenance of security and order on the campus. 2. Cooperation and coordination with UNPROFOR and the security forces responsible for protecting the area to increase security immunization. 3 - Follow up and provide the necessary protection for celebrations, exhibitions and scientific conferences. 4 - Follow up the Civil Defense Guard in colleges and institutes for the purpose of carrying out their duties. 5 - Follow up complaints concerning employees, auditors and students. 6. Follow up and solve the problems that arise between the auditors and the employees during the working hours. 7 - Proposed security treatments for sites and configurations of the university. 8 - Follow-up operation of electronic surveillance systems (cameras).



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