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Vision, Mission, and Values


Vision :     

Our vision is to establish our university name among those of the leading universities in the world   through the firm assurance of our globally recognized academic standards. Our aim is to press ahead with our work, utilizing the fine details of academic excellence to translate our efforts into a dynamism that motivates the scientific and technical development of the community. In other words, science and higher education should play a strong role in solving community problems, addressing challenges, and      providing the labor market with highly certified technicians.

MTU is committed to spreading knowledge, especially technical knowledge, across the community. As   many may be aware, developing countries, in general, suffer from a profound lack of qualified technicians. This puts MTU at the heart of the challenge to provide more, a challenge which we are proud to accept. Therefore, our core target is to produce a wider network of knowledge and confident technicians who can deal adeptly with the most recent and sophisticated technology. Furthermore, our commitment to our students and researchers is of extreme importance. This is implemented through our supplying the highest quality learning environment by tracking the most prestigious and successful teaching technologies and methods throughout the world as well as by creating our own experience. The other wing of our mission is that of scientific research. This wing, in turn, is divided into two directives. The first is to create and develop new techniques to help the construction and administration processes, and the second is to offer an interface to transfer the technology that is currently being developed to the international academic and research community. This also includes promoting and commercializing these techniques in local markets in order to train local individual.



Our core values are:

- Innovation

- Respect

- Development

- Creativity

- Excellence

- Self-confidence

- Wide opportunities

- Commitment


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