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24/7 Learning

24/7 Learning:


School time is not enough, particularly when science and technology are expanding and vital subjects. Combining the basics with innovation is difficult enough now, and may prove so even in the near future, but if it can be done it will definitely affect our entire understanding process. As such, the MTU commitment towards our students is to immerse them in a scientific environment and encourage them to extend the time that they spend in contact with their curriculum.



We promote the building of forums between students and their tutors. Questions are put into the forum. Students begin to supply answers under the observation of the tutor. The tutor in turn points out the correct answers and provides his own model. This service is always active so as to produce the most effective outcomes.


In Water Resources Techniques at the Baghdad Institute of Technology, the first steps in this experiment have been taken. All students and their tutors are connected via a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. Online quizzes are held periodically and marked instantly. An investigation of the Facebook page will demonstrate conclusively the success of our concept of 24/7 learning.   



Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs