Postgraduate admission conditions are subject to change each year according to annual instructions issued by the Directorate of Research and Development within MOHESR. However, the general conditions are summarized below:


Notes: -The two year public service period is counted from the date when the last certificate is acquired until the 1st of September two years later. -All these categories are for full-time study. There is no part-time study in Iraq. -For Masters studies in both medicine and engineering, applicants are exempted from the GPA% condition if they are ranked among the upper quarter. -All applicants should pass a personal interview in their academic department, as well as a written exam. -Final assessment of the degree classification awarded is 70% determined by GPA% plus 30% for a written exam. This covers applicants for medicine, engineering, pure science, and English. For others the written exam is 25% and the other 5% is gained if the applicant passes the IPT-TOEFL. -For applicants holding a higher diploma, the assessment is 60% BSc GPA% plus 40% higher diploma GPA% plus 5 promotional points for passing ITP-TOEFL.


There are also special cases for applications from Iraqi citizens. These are included in the admission plan for potential applicants such as honors degree graduates, MOSEHR employees, and other employees. Also included in the category of special cases are those who may not fall within the terms of the admission plan such as creative and talented graduates, families of martyrs and political prisoners, and athletes and champions.



Self-funded applicants should apply directly to the university. Tuition fees are summarized in the table below in Iraqi Dinars:


Scientific disciplines that require laboratories

Scientific disciplines that do not require laboratories

Humanitarian Specialties



(7) million Iraqi dinars

(5) million Iraqi dinars

(4) million Iraqi dinars

Higher diploma


(8) million Iraqi dinars

(6) million Iraqi dinars

(5) million Iraqi dinars



(10) million Iraqi dinars

(7) million Iraqi dinars

(6) million Iraqi dinars





To apply please send your request and enquiries to:
Middle Tecnical Univercity / Department of Computers Affairs