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Interdisciplinary Techniques

Interdisciplinary Techniques:

The traditional view held by the community-at-large about technicians has become obsolete. In the present day, market demand for work techniques is huge and growing. This expansion appears in one of its forms as a need for new technical approaches. Thus modern technicians should be trained in a variety of skills during their studies so as to be better suited for the current labor market. For instance, a technician who works only on electrical installations is less valuable than a technician who can work with concrete as well. The latter, in turn, is less valuable than one who has these two skills in addition to, for example, programming.

MTU is proud to accept the challenge of taking technical education to a new level in Iraq, a level that encompasses interdisciplinary techniques. We are working on developing our curricular and training plans to comply with this ambitious target and expect to complete this mission within the proposed time frame.   
Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs