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A Peace Agreement with Bacteria “Effect of Bio-purification on Biofilm Formation in Drinking Water Systems”



                   Dr. Ghanim S. Hassan                                                           Dr. Robert G. J. Edyvean

              Middle Technical University                                                   The University of Sheffield

                        Baghdad- Iraq                                                                               Sheffield, UK

War between humans and bacteria in drinking water systems returns back to centuries. Both used mass distraction weapons. Humans used various biocides while bacteria formed new lethal and resistant generations and still do. Also, bacteria established their strongholds by attaching their selves to a surface and bounding their assemblage by polymeric substance. These aggregates known as biofilm and represent serious danger on human health and economy. In this work, peace offer is presented to stop this war or decrease its causalities as possible. Simply humans should stop any aggressive behaviour by stopping the addition of biocides and replacing it with less aggressive means. Oppositely, bacteria should stop their armament programs (biofilming and lethal generations development).


A research team in Water Resources Techniques in the Baghdad Institute of Technology in collaboration with The University of Sheffield is working on developing some techniques to avoid biociding bacteria by any means. Instead of that it is decided to separate them physically, or peacefully.


A photo shows the biofilm growth with using biocides (left) and using physical bacterial separation without biocides (right). Bacteria stopped building their strongholds (the biofilm) as a response to human peace offer.

Middle Techniqal University / Department of Computers Affairs