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MTU chancellor



Fueled by a treasury of academic experience, the university chancellor Prof. Dr. Majid H. Majeed ccepted the challenge of administrating a newly established university. He started his academic career in 1990 as a head of department and has climbing academic positions consequently until the last position in which he topped on 2014. His duties are huge and expandable. He is focusing on making decisions, raising money, and working hard and professionally to put our university among the row of leading universities in the world.


 Prof. Dr. Majid H. Majeed  Al-Temimi got his BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Basrah on 1982 and 1986 respectively. He started his academic career as a head of department of Machinery and equipment in Higher Technical Institute in Basrah. Once he got his PhD from the University of Baghdad in 1999, He got also his new title of lecturer, and transferred to head the department of pumping techniques in the technical college of Mussayab for two periods (1999-2000) and (2003-2005). Between these two periods, he spent two years directing the computer and IT center at the same college.

Over the period between 2005-2010 two milestones were occurred. First is promoting to the title of assistant professor while the second is being the dean of the Technical College in Mussayab. After this period, he became the vice chancellor of the Foundation of Technical Education for scientific affairs. Finally, when splitting the above foundation to four technical universities (Northern, Middle, Middle Euphrates, and Southern), He is appointed as a chancellor of the Middle Technical University on 2014. In 2016 he got the supreme academic title of Full Professor.

Prof. Dr. Majid H. Majeed academic career crowned also by 25 published research papers in various scientific journals and conferences, 19 seminars, 23 training sessions, supervising 15 Masters and PhD thesis, and 67 as an external examiner. He is currently working to author a book in Thermodynamic. Should you require any further information or requests, please direct them to Mr Ramen on: 





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